Returning to The Source

November 10, 2018 to December 2, 2018

“The Master has no teaching; he is the teaching. Only by falling in tune will you understand. It goes beyond the scriptures, beyond words. It is heart to heart.”
Vasant Swaha

In this retreat we will explore ourselves through various meditation techniques and bodywork, going beyond the ideas we have about ourselves and having the chance to get in touch with our true source.

You should register by the 30th of October.

Arrival times:
10th of November – 10h to 12h
18th of November – 14h30 to 15h30
25th of November – 14h30 to 15h30 – this date is only open for those who have joined silent retreats with Vasant Swaha in the last 2 years.

If it is your first time or has been more than 2 years since you last joined a retreat with Vasant Swaha, you need to participate at least from the 10th to the 18th of November.