Songs of Freedom

April 7, 2018 to April 22, 2018

True worship is creative.
Isn’t the Creator, God, creative? So be creative.
You can only be creative when you are flowing.
That’s the difference between an ego and a flowing spirit, an open heart.
The ego is like a stagnant pond.
And the spirit of the heart is like a flowing river,
always fresh, always moving, always singing.”
Vasant Swaha

This retreat is open only for those who have joined retreats with Swaha before.

Arrival times:
7th of April- 10h to 12h – this is the only arrival date for those who have never joined silent retreats with Vasant Swaha before, and for those who haven’t joined retreats for over two years.

In the retreat “Songs of Freedom” the whole program will be focused on relaxation and silence, going inwards and exploring oneself creatively.

In the first part of the retreat there will be soft and simple groups and meditations, to support the inner exploration and expression of oneself through art, dance, music, and breathing sessions. In this phase, we will also begin the period of silence, bringing the vital energy back to ourselves. This period begins and ends gradually, as an invitation for silence to come from within.

Going deeper into silence, we will have Vipassana meditation, sitting in silence, watching the breath and relaxing into the inner temple.
Slowly coming out from silence, there will be soft groups to support us to reconnect with others in a loving way.