Just testing quotes

It’s very difficult to listen, even to the Master, because there are so many words inside your head. But much can happen. In fact, everything can happen if you learn how to listen, not through your head but through your heart.

Guru Nanak has spoken about that. He says:

Through listening, peace and saintliness are gained,

heaven and earth are made stable.

Because you are both. You are physical and you are spiritual. You are materialistic in your body, it’s material, and you are also an energy. Those are always confused, till they get balanced, till you accept both sides. You become a harmony. Then heaven and earth are made stable.

Through listening, death does not touch one.

Through listening, devotees attain bliss

and sins and sorrow are destroyed.

It is amazing. Only through listening. Guru Nanak says this, but it’s true. But remember, he talks to his devotees. He is not talking to the ordinary man in the street. He’s talking to those who are sitting with him, who is totally in tune, who is drinking him. That’s what Jesus says, “drink me, eat me.” That’s what Guru Nanak is meaning by “listening.” There is nothing in the way in your mind, in your thoughts. And, when you really listen then it becomes part of you. That’s how the Master’s truth becomes one with you. If there is any resistance, like normally there is in your mind which is very restless – always thinking, comparing, judging, “This is right. This is not right. Yeah this I can relate to, but not that. No, that is not true.”, then there is no true listening. So the work is to empty yourself. Because before you are empty you cannot really receive the grace of the Master.

He says,

Through listening, devotees attain bliss

Because that is what the Guru is offering you.

and sins and sorrow are destroyed.

Bliss is real, sins and sorrows belong to your personality, to your ego, which has to go for bliss to appear. So of course bliss destroys all sins and sorrow, because you are not identified with your little ego self.

Through listening, even the most sinful will sing his praises,

and the secrets of Yogas and all the mysteries are revealed.

Through listening all the scriptures and teachings are known.

Because all the scriptures and all the teachings, they are only words, which goes into your head. That’s a totally different thing if you are eating the truth. It is like studying the menu in a restaurant, and eating the food. You can sit there and study the menu, you can even know all the recipes, and be very proud, but it doesn’t fulfill your hunger. You have to eat.

This is something only a disciple knows. And they cannot talk about it, because it’s your own individual experience. The only thing you can say, “You have to try it yourself.”

The menu you can show to somebody else, the holy scriptures, the Gita, but the taste you cannot show.

All the secrets of Yoga and the mysteries are revealed.

Through listening all the scriptures and teachings are known.

Because they can only hint at what is here. And with the Guru his whole effort is to bring you into the moment, which you are in Satsang. Then he invites you into his energy field, so you get a taste of the eternal, of the silence.

Nanak says,

Through listening, devotees attain bliss.

Through listening all truth and contentment are attained.

Thinking can never lead you to any contentment or truth, because it’s a mental process. And sometimes, even in Satsang, in the beginning people are so excited they take notes, because such far out truths are getting served. But that is just your mind taking notice. If you really take it in, then it becomes part of you. You don’t need to remember. The nourishment is to take it in. Then it’s not separate.

Through listening, all the virtues of bathing at the 68 holy places is gained.

This is a little strange maybe for most of you, but in India they have so many holy places. It’s almost impossible to keep track of them, but Guru Nanak talks about 68. So if you are really a religious person, then you should do some time in your life a pilgrimage, to take a dip in all the holy places, in all the holy rivers. And you can imagine how long time that will take. And it’s useless, because it’s outside you. Then the Hindus have made it better, they have made it into just three-four places. But even that, the real thing is to take an inner bath. And this is what Guru Nanak is hinting. Because through listening, spontaneous meditation happens.

spontaneous meditation happens.

That is what is happening here, spontaneous meditation. Because you are tuning into the Guru. Then your own mind becomes quiet. And the Guru is already quiet. So you start sharing in his meal, which is silence, which is bliss, which is truth. All the things that your heart and soul is longing for.

Through listening, spontaneous meditation happens.

Through listening, devotees attain bliss,

and sins and sorrows are destroyed.

And only when you are still, silent, receptive, only then can the words of the Guru go in. And this transformation happens by itself, because you are not in the way. You are just drinking it. And, that is how you should listen in Satsang, just like you are listening to the birds, or the waterfall. You don’t have any thoughts, you’re just listening, available to the moment.

And only when you are still, quiet, can this rearranging happen. Like he said, then just through listening spontaneous meditation happens. It’s effortless. It’s already there but you are in the way with your thoughts. And by some mysterious way this happens, then you will feel everything is getting rearranged inside. Guru Nanak says that if you are so blessed that you can sit and listen to the Master, no other sadhna, no other practice is needed. That is far out. But you have to be available. And most people they want to do it, the yogi way, through a lot of sadhna, effort, practice, meditation. But he is just hinting there is a much easier way. But then you have to be out of your head. You have to be available on a deeper level. And this happening can happen very spontaneously, effortlessly.

Even the blind finds the path.

And the blind is the one who is just lost in his head, which is always confused. And the one who is found, is the one who is following the path of truth, of his heart, of his being. Then you cannot be lost, because you yourself is the path.

Listen, Nanak says. Through listening devotees attain bliss, and all sins and sorrows are destroyed.

That’s what I call Guru Yoga; it’s effortless. It’s almost too easy.

So go on emptying yourself, so you can really listen.