Living in the Sangha, in the buddhafield of our beloved Master, we take the opportunity to live with fellow travelers – friends who are interested in waking up, in being more aware, more conscious. We are also blessed to be available when our Beloved invites us to sit with him in Satsang.

Satsang tomorrow! The word spreads fast, as each friend passes the joyful news. We gather in the morning sunshine, with smiling eyes and heartful hugs, to drink the nectar that is available in the presence of the Beloved. To join the company of lovers.

Truth is not about any argument, it is beyond the mind.

The mind can come with lots of questions and doubts. We can spend so long thinking, wishing, hoping – all in the mind – when everything we need is within us, if we only have the courage to listen to our inner voice. If we have the courage to jump into the unknown, into life.

Our Master shows us that it is possible. He is willing to hold our hands as he jumps into the unknown with us. So how can we have any excuses? How can the mind make any fuss? We become what we think. If we think we are free we are free. If we think we are bound we are bound.

Satsang is an opportunity to see clearly, to get out of the fog of thoughts, of emotions – to be reminded of our true nature. It is our responsibility to bring this remembrance with us into our everyday lives. If we carry our Master in our hearts, even if fear comes, we find the courage to jump.

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