Babaji in Thailand

Babaji’s spontaneity and wild way of living is again and again taking us to new places inside and outside. Now the man of the mountains is in the highest mountain of Thailand – Doi Inthanon.


The north of Thailand: a place of nature and beauty, peaceful temples and chaotic markets; an abundance of colors, smells and smiles. Innocent and friendly people makes us feel at home.




Here we find ourselves, a lucky group of disciples who was able to follow the Beloved.


To be close to the Master is a constant invitation for great fun… and also many challenges, processes and growth. His message is for us to be happy – truly happy. And that can only happen when all the games, thoughts and ideas are flushed out of the system. Only then can we really say yes to his invitation – and dive into life, into the moment – feeling fresh and alive.


Now and then we are blessed with his presence, and in the adventures with him we are again and again pushed to go beyond our fears and limitations, and also to learn to function as a group, as one big organism, leaving our own plans and personal opinions behind.



In one very beautiful morning we had the gift to sit with the Beloved in a very intimate Satsang. Babaji answered a friend’s letter sharing about her fears of feeling as an outsider. She shared that, with the challenges of being together in the group, she could see that even though we are different, deeper down we are all the same.

In his simple and direct way of sharing the truth, Baba says:

If there is difference there is mind. Mind is separation from the whole. If you feel oneness, it means you are in the heart, your true Being.


In his light, we melt and feel blessed. We are One.

Babaji Thai

Thank you, Babaji, for showing us the way to real happiness!


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