My message is Love


The beauty of the enlightened one is poetry beyond words. The heart of the disciple longs to live this beauty:

It only happens by Grace, effort won’t help.

Our Beloved Babaji is in Brazil!



He called us to sit with Him in the Temple of the White Lotus. And there we were, overflowing with love for being with Him again. Looking at us He shared that He was very happy to feel our longing.
His extraordinary simplicity takes us so easily to the real dimension of life. Instead of trying to explain the unexplainable He opens the door of the unknowable through His pure message of Love.

My message is Love.

And finding ourselves under the sacred light of the Guru we dare to cross the border.

He reminded us that the key is to stay connected with the energy of the Master – not dependent on Him, but simply connected with His Love. It is so simple and at the same time it’s the greatest adventure. The devotion, the surrender, is the only way to allow Existence to take us beyond our little self – higher and higher – away from the dramas of the ego, towards the Real Peace. Our beautiful Guru is there, waiting for us, inspiring us. Our only work is to be available.

His beautiful sharing brings us back to the eternal Path of Dharma. What else can one wish for in life!
We are the blessed ones!

Thank you, again and again, Beloved of our lives.
To be at your feet is the greatest gift.

Hari Om!


To listen to the Satsang, click here