Sangha News

Innocent Heart

Mevlana Garden, September 17, 2015

Our Beloved gave us another present last Thursday. Throughout Satsang the subject seemed to be our difficulty in this journey of growing from being an innocent child to become an adult, the unhealed memories of being a child without receiving … READ MORE

Love is Acceptance

Mevlana Garden, September 8, 2015

Yesterday we were in His presence! For us, disciples and friends, nothing in this world could come close to this joy! It’s truly an adventure of entering a timeless dimension. He invites us into His temple of Love, into his … READ MORE

Sangha Weekend

Dharma Mountain, September 13, 2015

What a life we are living! At the feet of the Master, we are in his embrace. Even when he is not physically here, he is here. In our hearts. In the air we breathe. In nature, in the garden, … READ MORE