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Sangha News, March 7, 2016

Thailand has been fresh for all of us – everything is new. New surroundings… New smells… New spices… New touches… New bird songs… Who are we in this new? Being in our Beloved Master’s energy, we softly blend into the … READ MORE

Video Satsang Thailand

Video Satsang Thailand

Sangha News, March 5, 2016

We share a video taken from Satsang in Thailand on Saturday, Feb 27th 2016. It is best to watch in full screen. The Fragrance of The Buddha is Silence.


Sangha News, March 1, 2016

Still, like a statue, our beloved Master sits. Silently¬†inviting¬†us to go deeper. Deeper, where the heart whispers. Deeper, where the truth beckons. Deeper, beyond anything we know. In this land of a million buddha statues, We are blessed to sit … READ MORE