Your True Nature

In a sun drenched valley in the mountains of Norway, seekers are discovering the sound of silence.
Sitting in nature. Swimming in the river. Walking the dappled forest paths. Stopping to watch the ants busy in their doing. Getting lost in the tiny worlds of wild flowers. Watching swallows screech and dive, playing carefree in the evening air.

Slowing down, becoming more and more natural, the silent heart is awakening. And what a song she sings! A song of joy, of freedom. A sweet song which is felt, not heard. The heart is blossoming, like the most beautiful rose. And with the blossom, comes the fragrance. The intoxicating scent of Truth, tempting us further down the quiet path as we dance and skip in the very lightness of being.

Where is this silence coming from?

A presence approaches, as if the forest itself has taken human form, as if the river has flowed uphill to come and be with us. In wonder we sit, entranced by the beauty, enthralled by the peaceful energy emanating from Him.

What a blessing! The silence speaks and the words wash over us, cleansing us, making us new again. Reborn into innocence, our eyes see the beauty which surrounds us and our ears hear the silent song of life. The song which invites us to sing and dance the truth of our being – our True Nature.