Heart Letters

Burning in Love

Beloved Swaha, I’m here for one week now and it seems like one month already, because at every moment many different things are happening inside of me. I have written many letters that I didn’t send because there is always … READ MORE


Boddhisattva, Great Beloved One,   The Wild Flower that kisses our Souls alive, that whispers to our hearts in between worlds.   The timeless guiding star. Eternal gratitude, for all that you are.   I was seen and unburdened at … READ MORE

Seeing the Miracle

Master Beloved Swaha I saw one ant nest on the beach today. They were digging a small hole down by banking up the grains, creating a funnel. They brought the grains out one at a time. I have never seen … READ MORE

Shaken Up

Beloved Swaha! This time it seems hard to find the right words. I’m all shaken up! All I want is to go down on my knees and pray to you in gratitude. It has been a fantastic week. Very intense. … READ MORE

Satsang Today

Beloved, I wrote a little now before going to bed about Satsang, and felt to send it to you…   Satsang today Babaji spreads his love to all of us. He comes and sits, reads some letters, drinks some chai, … READ MORE

All about Love

All about Love   Still are the flowers and the mountain behind… the waving clouds reveal the snow on the peaks all connected, always moving ever changing in its own time.   But the silent sky eternally in contrast overflowing, … READ MORE

Trust in Something Bigger

Dear Master, Today in Satsang I felt an immense wish to tell you something very special that is happening with me. For the first time in my life I believe in God, in something greater than myself. For the first … READ MORE

Poem for my Beloved

My Beloved, What a life we have around you… What a miracle you have made in our hearts… Learning to relax in this love, learning to trust again, learning to feel again. Softness, care, enjoyment; peace in my heart. I … READ MORE

Who is this Man

Beloved Master, I would like to share with you that one day a lady came to me and asked: “Who is this man in the picture on your chest?” Then I told her: “That’s my master!” And she asked: “Master … READ MORE