Heart Letters

Why Travel So Far to Meditate?

Beloved Master, Before coming, my mind was asking me “Why travel so far to be in silence?… to meditate?… The capacity to be in silence is inside you, wherever you are.” All this bla, bla, bla… Today, here, watching the sun … READ MORE

King of Love

Beloved King of Love… It is so magical to realize that who we are and our minds belong to different worlds… It is so magical to notice how much the mind tries to separate us from our hearts… So magical … READ MORE

Silence with the Master

I sit in silence with my Master the trees are still and listening, but sometimes they start dancing. Silence in the bushes, flowers, rocks, animals and plants, but the trees are still dancing. My Master starts dancing. If you dance … READ MORE

One Step

Beloved Baba, Yesterday somebody called me an “old timer” and I really had to laugh inside, because I feel just like a beginner. The honey moon is over; many illusions have gone down the drain, but what has really changed? … READ MORE

Surf Wisdom

Beloved Swaha, Just to share beautiful lessons. The path can be like a day surfing. In the beginning many waves break on your head, one after the other. And even if some rub you hard against the sandy bottom, you’d … READ MORE

It’s all about Love

Most dear and beloved Swaha, I’ve just come out of Satsang and felt the urge to write down my feelings to you. It is my first time at the retreat and I didn’t know much what to expect. I actually … READ MORE

Listen to the Heart

Hello my dear! My name is D.! I arrived here without knowing much about you, I just felt that I should come, like a calling felt by the heart. Before arriving to you I was already hanging around close to … READ MORE

Let Go of the Baggage

Beloved Swaha, Thank you for helping me open my heart to the love that is always there. A few Satsangs ago, I felt a wave of deep relief and peace. It was like the universe itself leaned into my being … READ MORE