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The Fragrance Of The Buddha

The Beloved invited the Sangha to Thailand. A selection of photos.

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Alive Zen

Photos from Swaha trip to Japan in 2016

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In His Footsteps - India

Photos from Swaha’s trip to India 2013

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River of Peace 2013

Summer Retreat 2013 at Dharma Mountain.
Finding the flowing peace of our own heart – Through the Beloved One.

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Winds of Freedom

Brazil, November 2012
Only when you are present, in the moment, are you free. Free of your mind.

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Summer Retreat

Norway 2012
In celebration, in silence, in gratitude, in grace…

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Sacred Silence

“Sitting silently,
Doing nothing
And the snow falls by itself.”

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Returning to the Source

Brazil, November 2011
The flowering of consciousness, coming back to our true Self, returning to the Source…

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A journey into the beloved mountains of the Himalayas, where so many mystics and masters have lived.

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Mystic Rose

Brazil, March 2012
A blissful retreat where we dived into laughter, tears and silence – following the guidelines of Beloved Osho and The Mystic Rose meditative process.

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