Traveling Tips Norway

Beloved Friend,

When booking your plane ticket to Norway, please be aware that there are two airports in the Oslo area,

  1. Oslo Airport Gardermoen,
  2. Oslo Sandefjord Torp Airport.

The airport closest to Oslo and Dharma Mountain is Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

Tip: For flights from European cities to Oslo Airport Gardermoen you might find cheap options (and direct flights) with the following airline companies: Norwegian (www.norwegian) and SAS ( From European cities to Oslo Sandefjord Torp Airport you may find cheap options with Ryanair (www.ryanair).

Transport to Dharma Mountain, Hedalen

From Oslo Airport Gardermoen there are three transport alternatives:

1. Take a Vy train to Oslo Central Station (20 – 30 min; NOK 105; Walk 5 min to Oslo Bus Terminal (there are signs indicating the way). There, take the bus “Valdresekspressen 160/161″ ( NOK 291; and go to Nes i Ådal (2 hour ride). If you have a student ID, you get a discount on the bus fare. If you buy your ticket on the bus, it might be more expensive.  From Nes i Ådal, take a taxi (NOK 275) to Dharma Mountain, Hedalen (15min). At night (from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.) and on weekends and bank holidays, the taxi price is NOK 385. To book a taxi: call+47 95950711 or ask us to make a reservation for you, at least one day before.

2. Take the bus called «Askeladden» ( ; NOK 300) to Hønefoss. There you change bus to “Valdresekspressen 160/161” (NOK 175) to Nes i Ådal, and then taxi to Hedalen. With a student ID there is a discount on the bus-fare. If you buy yourticket on the bus, it might be more expensive. 

3. Take a taxi  all the way from Gardermoen to Hedalen, Dharma Mountain. This is the easiest and quickest alternative, but also the most expensive. From NOK 3000-4100. (depending on the time or day). You can check taxi prices here

PS. The arrival time for the retreat in Dharma Mountain (DM) is usually around 15-16 o’clock in the afternoon, and it’s good to have this in mind when booking your plane ticket to Norway, especially if you arrive at the airport on the same day as the retreat starts. It takes at least 3-5 hours to get from Gardermoen airport to DM by public transport, so your plane should land at Gardermoen at the latest 11:30 on the same day, to comfortably reach DM for the arrival time (15:00-16:00). The bus from Oslo (Valdresekspressen) to Nes i Ådal departs from Oslo at 13:05, which is optimal for reaching DM on the arrival time. (The bus has few other departures per day)

Please also write to when you have booked your plane ticket, so we can help you with the transport.

Certificate for citizens of countries outside Europe:

When traveling to Norway the immigration police in Europe might question your intentions for entering a European country, and sometimes this can be a hassle. For this reason we recommend that you have a certificate from Dharma Mountain stating that you are booked for the retreat at so and so dates. You can get the certificate by writing an email to In the email you need to give the following information: Legal name, Sannyas name (if you have one) birth date, passport number, dates of participation in the retreat, and traveling date to Norway.

Car Rental

There are many Car Rental companies in Oslo.


Bus & taxi accept major credit cards. You can also exchange your own currency for Norwegian Kroner and pay in cash. Please note that there are no foreign exchange facilities in Hedalen or in Dharma Mountain, so we advise you to exchange currency before you travel, or at the airport, in Oslo or in Hønefoss. It may also be possible to withdraw money from ATMs/Minibanks with your Credit/Debit card – please check with your bank before traveling to be sure. Check the currency calculator:

NB: At Dharma Moutain it is no longer possible to pay the retreat with dollars or euro – only Norwegian Kroner or credit card (Visa, Mastercard) is accepted.

Staying in Hedalen

Dharma Mountain, Hedalen is about 130 km north of Oslo. The closest cities are Hønefoss and Fagernes. About 800 people live in Hedalen valley all year round – including around 35 sannyasins.

If you are planning to stay longer than the retreat period, there are only a few lodging options in the valley. At DM there can be other activities happening just before and after the retreat, so it might not be possible to stay there. Feel free to check with us ( about the availability at DM.

It might also be possible to rent a room/flat somewhere in Hedalen from a sannyasin friend.

Weather – and what to bring

Summer in Norway, and especially in Hedalen can be very beautiful, warm and sunny – but also cold and rainy. So bring clothes that fit these unpredictable weather conditions – like bathing suit, flip flops/sandals – and hat, rain coat or umbrella, and a few sets of warm clothes (even long underwear can be good on some days) a warm jacket and good walking shoes. Some of these things you can also buy in a shop 8 km from DM, or else the closest shopping center is in Hønefoss, 60 km from DM.

It can also be good to bring a blanket and pillow/meditation chair if you have one.

What you find in Hedalen

Two grocery stores, incl. post office
 and gas station. 
The closest grocery store is 7 km from Dharma Mountain. There is a bus going up and down the valley twice per day. 800 citizens incl. 35 sannyasins.
 Beautiful nature surroundings and silence…


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