Flowering of The Heart

November 9, 2019 to December 1, 2019


The closer you come to yourself, the closer you come to me.
The closer you come to me, the closer you come to yourself.
Totally in yourself, totally in me.
Totally in me, totally in yourself.
In truth, in love, there is no separation.

Vasant Swaha

Swaha’s retreats are designed with a program which prepares us to sit with him in Satsang, and to be receptive for what he is sharing with us there.

This retreat will be divided into three parts:

Part 1 – from 9th to 17th of November
In the first part of the retreat we will explore ourselves through various meditation techniques, dance and physical activities, waking up the vital energy and emptying ourselves of tensions and ideas about who we think we are, so we can be open and explore the qualities of the Heart, such as love, trust and compassion.

Part 2-  from 17th to 24th of November
In this phase we will gradually begin the silent period of the retreat, supported by guided breath sessions, self-inquiry and Vipassana meditation, observing the breath and bringing our energy back to ourselves.

Part 3 – from 24th of November to 1st of December (only open for those who have joined silent retreats with Vasant Swaha in the last 2 years).

Allowing Silence to take us deeper, sitting in Vipassana, resting into the sacred temple of our being. Slowly coming out of silence, there will be soft groups to support us to reconnect with others in a sensitive and loving way.