The Natural Way

We are happy to be back. Relaxing in the forest with our beloved Master. The sun comes to visit us for the weekend and we can make the most of our forest temple, sitting outside in nature, as the leaves turn golden and prepare to fall from the trees.

To be natural is to be in tune with nature, Swaha tells us. To become natural, we have to stop. But who can stop in this crazy, modern world? If we stop, we stand out. And it takes courage to stand out, to be different. It takes courage to look at ourselves. To seek reality rather than dreams. To trust the Master and listen to our hearts.

And so, we meet and share with our friends. We drop the stress, the restlessness and get a taste of what it is to be natural. A taste of peace and balance. A taste of truth. The more we taste this natural goodness, the more we long for this truth, the more we are inspired to follow the natural way.