The Lotus

In the presence of a living Master, it seems strange to talk about endings. Yes, we have come to the end of another beautiful retreat, however, as Swaha so often says, “This can be just the beginning”. With awareness slowly growing stronger within us, we carry the reminder in our hearts that there is only this moment. This moment is always new – without a past or future, so in each moment is an opportunity to begin afresh – to live life to the full.

That is how beauty is – and wisdom and love. It is eternal, it is very fresh – like the morning dew.

With shining eyes and open hearts, some of us are leaving the buddhafield for now, to return to our countries, our houses, our jobs. Each of us is carrying with us the gift of the Master’s wisdom. For some, it is a seed, freshly planted. For others, it has sprouted and is delicately feeling its way into a new way of being. Some have been tending this gift for many years and are carefully pruning and watering – enjoying the growth which is constantly transforming and surprising us. Whatever stage we are at, we have the opportunity to support each other by being mirrors of awareness.

The winds of freedom have blown through our open hearts. Now, the challenge is to remain centered and happy. Happy like a lotus, which grows through the mud, but is untouched by it and sits peacefully on top of the water.

Go in Peace, go in Love. I love you.