The Natural Man


Last week was Carnaval, when people put on masks and fancy dress to celebrate and distract themselves. This week, in Satsang we have the chance to drop our masks and distractions and to sit with the truth. The world is full of distractions, keeping us from looking within. Our Master is here to remind us that there is more to life. Our true nature, silence, clarity, peace.


Ordinarily, we live our lives in a dream. We join the rat race, not knowing where we are running to, but running anyway. Dreaming of what we are going to do tomorrow, about the problems of yesterday, lost in reminiscence… Even when we go to sleep, we bring our chaotic minds with us and our sleeping dreams are as messy as our waking ones. The invitation of the Master is to go beyond dreams, into the real. Then, awake or asleep, we are not dreaming.

But who am I if I am not dreaming?
I am the natural man. Living in the world but unpolluted by it, not distracted by dreams, because I have found what is real.

Friends, I feel very blessed to have found my Master,
Only he could resolve the conflict in my mind.
What I was searching for outside
he showed me it was hidden within.
The holiest of holy resides in our own heart.
My Master showed me where to look.
He broke this link of delusion, and saved me from fear and pain.