From mountains to oceans


First he takes us high. Then he let us try out our own wings.


From Manali we go to Goa, as the Beloved also did once, before he met Osho. Here are long beaches and hot weather. The monsoon is still not really over, and many times we get soaked by the warm rain.  The Portuguese history and influence is still strong here, and the feeling is quite different from other places in India.


We are not traveling with the Beloved, he has spread us around in Goa to be with ourselves. With him everything flows in the most harmonious way. Now, by ourselves, it is all different – we have to think, we have to plan, we have to function as a group. Then we realize that it is not only through his words that the teaching happens; it is also by throwing us into the world so we can be challenged, so we can grow. We learn not to take his presence for granted; we are reminded of the gift we have in our lives.


We are thrown back to the moment, back to ourselves.  And on our way we have fun, there is friction, we get lost, we are laughing, we are wet, we are cooking, we are learning, we are experiencing… We are alive. So alive.



Then, suddenly, one day the Beloved gather us all together again. In Satsang he brings his light to our experiences, our cooking and our fun.





The trip ends in Vagator. This is where Babaji lived on the beach as a jungle boy, having a simple life, being one with nature. Here he went through many life experiences that, in a mysterious way, lead him to Osho.


Now, as a full circle, our Master brings his disciples back to where his journey as a sannyasin began.


Suddenly what looked like just another beach in Goa becomes a sacred place in our hearts.


We feel grateful for this land that welcomed him and that he loved… for the trees that gave him shelter, for the earth that supported his first steps into this journey. Now, having walked the path himself, he can show us the way.


And what a beautiful and blissful walk this is, having You as our guide, Beloved…