Spirit of Freedom


Freedom is, it doesn’t come and go.
Silence is, it doesn’t come and go.
Love is, it doesn’t come and go.

Never born, never died – When you connect to that it is always there.


Freedom is our true nature, but we put ourselves into cages of our own making. How can we be free when we don’t know who we are? Coming together once more at Dharma Mountain, we support each other to look and see who we really are. Experimenting with our boundaries, our limitations, our ideas, gives us the chance to taste the sweetness of freedom.


The best way to know freedom is to be with the free. Sitting in Satsang with a Master of freedom, we are blessed to soak in his loving energy. Here, we can find the keys to our freedom, if we have the courage and openness to trust and accept them.

Thank you, beloved Babaji.140831_NO_Sujan_073