We go on… and on… and on


The ending is just the beginning. In fact, there is no beginning and no end. We just go on.
Continuing this amazing journey of self-discovery.
Going on, we move in the now. Going on, we meet each new day as the precious gift it is. Going on, we keep the fire burning. The fire of love. The fire of truth. The fire of life.


Our Master is planting seeds. In every place he can find some soil, he scatters his words. He pours his grace on them and shines his love. In this energy field of the buddha, many hearts are touched. In this atmosphere of quiet meditation, tender roots can grow strong. Strong enough to survive the wind and the rain. Capable of withstanding the drought and the cold.




We are creating a certain energy here. I call it the buddhafield. It is a field of love, of truth. It is a field of spiritual awakening.
Now remember the fragrance. Take care of it.

Aum shanti.