Path of the Mystic

We are here again, sitting at his feet. At the feet of the Mystic, the One who is in tune with existence.


We are here to be shaken up from our sleepiness; to have our own experience of life; to explore ourselves and grow.


We are here to gather the courage to drop our own ideas. To be cleansed and become empty, receptive. Because only then will we be able to see what is beyond the fog of our mind.

To be happy we have to have the courage to be ourselves.

And once we have a taste of his love, a glimpse of the mystery, gratefulness takes over.


Filled with love, we have the strength to go on walking. Walking this mysterious path that will lead us to our own divine essence.

Love gives everything that you need. Then your own consciousness can flower, undisturbed by anything from the outside.

We are here to walk the Path of the Mystic, the Path of the Heart that takes us back to ourselves.



And remember: you are all children of existence, of God. Everybody is in the same boat, floating in space, on mother Earth.
Aum Shanti.