Autumn Glow

Leaves glowing in the sun and letting go.
The tall grass in the field humming in the wind.
Sunflowers bowing their heavy heads to the ground.

In his presence, we become like this.
Glowing in the autumn sun and letting go.
Humming in the wind.
Bowing our heads in gratitude.

Totality comes from emptiness. Just by sitting here, resting into yourself, something deeper is awakened. You start falling in tune with the vibration of the Master. It is effortless.

Start functioning more and more out of that space, that you are touching here with me. The mind thinks that totality means you have to do something. No, it’s just about being present. If you do something or don’t do something physically, it doesn’t matter. It’s an inner space of being present, totally here and now.

That will bring you home.