Together Again

We are together with him again.
And with him there are no limits. Nothing that defines us, no borders, just the beyond.
Lovingly, he takes us beyond the known, beyond reason, beyond ourselves.
It is time to let ourselves be carried away by the sweetness of his voice and to dive without fear into his Love. We can emerge more and more pure, fresher, more tender.

He makes the impossible possible. Makes the beautiful possible. Helps the beauty inside of us to reveal itself.
Our Beloved reveals the heart to us.
Ah! And with what joy he expands, embraces everything he sees, grows as far as the eye can see and then opens up to the heights, to the sky.

How much beauty there is when we are close to the beautiful. Once again we are absorbed by the mystery, attracted by the new and we feel so fortunate, just to breathe the same air that he breathes.
He is the purest poetry, beyond words, beyond any image or thought. Poetry that speaks of love because it is love, that speaks of life because it is life. The poetry of silence, which only lovers hear.

He is here. We are here.
And how much magic we live by being with him.