This flame

This flame in my heart
is all that I feel
when I sit with you.

What is this sweet, pure fire of yours?
What is it, Master?
I cannot say.

But I can feel
and in that feeling,
you come.

And your love
ignites me.

Burning all the weeds,
banishing darkness with its light.

And this flame in my heart,
these tears in my eyes,
are all that is left.

Every time the real comes, the false has to go – because the real is real and the false is false. The emotions, the mind will come to try to disturb you. But you just put them in the fire.

Remember, they are just ghosts, just thoughts. Be steady. The best is to just welcome the fire and the fire will do its thing. Only that which is unreal can disappear. The real can never disappear. Knowing that, you can allow everything to burn. If you still want to protect the unreal, the lies – only then will it be painful.

If there is wisdom, if there is true seeing, then you offer everything. That is trust, that is surrender, it’s not in your hands.

Vasant Swaha