The Highest Mountain

A few friends have come from different parts of the world to meet the Master in Kathmandu, Nepal. The city is ancient, dirty and noisy. We gather in Boudhanath, home of a big white stupa and the spiritual center of exiled Tibetans, where the sherpas gather in the winter months to escape from the mountain cold. As we settle in and walk around the famous stupa – the mind quiets and we sense a different reality;  the sound of the horns and cymbals from the Buddhist temples stir something deeper inside.
We are waiting for the Beloved’s arrival.

Our destination is the Himalayas, a place called Khumbu, the once hidden valley of the sherpas. Home of the highest mountains of the world.

Lukla, a small village at 2860m, has a tiny airport, but all flights are canceled due to bad weather. A window opens in the sky and suddenly we see ourselves in a helicopter with Babaji! Landing in the mountains we feel the fresh cool air and the peace of the Himalayas. Now we have a few days walk to Khumbu, through mystic forests, bridges and waterfalls.

As we walk, something inside starts relaxing, the pace of life is natural. Going deeper into the mountains, we fall more and more in tune with the silence and beauty inside and all around us. The locals smile easily. The Beloved guides the way, always surprising us with a change of plans – always in the moment, always now. He is in tune with the whole, in synchronicity with the rhythms of nature.

After walking for many days, we settle in a quiet village at 3800m surrounded by these sacred mountains. The beauty overwhelms us. The silence is so tangible. Everywhere you look is an invitation to meditation, to stop and be in wonder, in awe.

The sherpas teach us about friendship, the simple things in life that have real value. The Buddhist wisdom that permeates everything in their culture.

Babaji is beaming. He is at home here. The pure snowed peaks reflect the enlightened state of consciousness.

He is a living example of what is possible in this life. Close to him, the silence of these mountains becomes so perfectly clean. The greatest blessing in this life.

Like the fluttering prayer flags in the wind, all that is left is a silent prayer of gratitude.