Heart Letters

Burning in Love

Beloved Swaha,

I’m here for one week now and it seems like one month already, because at every moment many different things are happening inside of me.

I have written many letters that I didn’t send because there is always something new to share. The old things are becoming less and less important, and only what I’m feeling now matters.

Since I arrived I’ve been surprised by the environment here. Love was spread in the air like the fragrance of the flowers.

Nature contributes even with the wind, and the rain brings silence and peace to the heart. But what really moved me were the Satsangs.

In the first Satsang I had my eyes closed and suddenly I felt a whirl of energy entering the top of my head, and for a second it was inflated like a balloon. The heart was beating so strongly that the veins were warmed up, so I opened my eyes and there it was – like in a dream – your image shining love, joy and peace. I was immediately enchanted.

Yes, “love at first sight” really exists! When you left I missed you immensely. Luckily I am here, supported by your disciples, otherwise I would not manage to wait so long to see you again. I see that I am addicted to your presence and to Satsang, an addiction that I don’t want to drop. I will live here.

I’ve been in this world for almost 80 years and just now I can understand why the moth goes so many times to the light that it ends up burning and dying. This is what is happening to me, a huge desire to be closer to the light so that I can burn many times until I die.

With all respect, I’m asking for sannyas.