Heart Letters

Shaken Up

Beloved Swaha!

This time it seems hard to find the right words. I’m all shaken up! All I want is to go down on my knees and pray to you in gratitude.

It has been a fantastic week. Very intense. Most of my nights I’ve been awake, as you have visited me. You have sat down on my bed and placed your hand on my heart. And I have been crying my face wet.

It’s a miracle happening, and for me it’s hard to explain. But I’ll try.
You take me by the hand and lead me to the sea.
I ask you: is this the sea? I have been here many times before, but I have never seen it.
You say: Yes, you have been here many times before, but you have never seen it. But now it’s time, and I’ll make you see it.

And I look at the sunrise to get a glimpse of you in the water. But I cannot spot you. I can only see myself. And what I see is not at all beautiful – far from it.
But the love you struck me with makes magic. And what I spot is acceptance.
This marvelous and comforting word says: everything is as it should be. It’s not the time to fight anymore. The war is over. Peace smiles and says: “There was never anything to fight about.”

Beloved! Love shakes me exhausted, and I drop all my resistance.

In deepest gratitude