Heart Letters

Satsang Today


I wrote a little now before going to bed about Satsang, and felt to send it to you…

Satsang today

Babaji spreads his love to all of us. He comes and sits, reads some letters, drinks some chai, plays some music, makes us dance, reflect, laugh, meditate, cry, feel; he gives us insights into every aspect of life, from relationships to aloneness, from overcoming bad habits to simple living.

But most amazing of all, is that at the end of every Satsang, every heart can feel a Love so tangible, so real. Like without anybody noticing, he takes us into a new dimension; suddenly everything becomes sacred, holy. The atmosphere becomes pregnant with deep reverence, and every heart whispers a silent prayer of gratitude. In silence He teaches us devotion.

With a grateful heart,
I love you,