Heart Letters

Trust in Something Bigger

Dear Master,

Today in Satsang I felt an immense wish to tell you something very special that is happening with me. For the first time in my life I believe in God, in something greater than myself. For the first time I feel small, like an apprentice, just as when I was a child.

I grew up in a world without religion, without God. Everything I wanted always depended on myself and my own effort. I was taught to think too much and to feel strong, powerful. And this has always caused me a great restlessness.

So now it is a relief to feel small and fragile. It is beautiful to be able to feel that I am just a part of a greater existence, and that I can only conduct a small part of life. I learned to accept the things that come up and to embrace them. I feel your peace when I realize that there are things that I do not control and that I may let go, relax and trust in something bigger.

Thank you for helping me to open space in my heart so that this faith that comforts me so much could come in.

I feel honored to feel this love and to be part of such a beautiful light that shines around here.

Welcome to my heart.