Heart Letters

Who is this Man

Beloved Master,

I would like to share with you that one day a lady came to me and asked: “Who is this
man in the picture on your chest?”
Then I told her: “That’s my master!” And she asked: “Master of what?”

In that moment, I closed my eyes and started to remember how you walk, how you speak, how you move your arms, how you dance, how you appear in my dreams… then I realized that I not only love you, but I also feel a great passion for you.

Then I opened my eyes and the tears started to come. The lady looked at me, very embarrassed, and I forgot what she had asked me. I thanked her very much and gave her a hug. I had only met her a couple of times…

And the other thing that I would like to share is that now I can see more of your intimacy, and this is making me understand what you mean when you say that trust comes as a shadow of love.

Thank you so much for accepting me the way I am in this moment.

With love, trust and gratitude,