Heart Letters

Why Travel So Far to Meditate?

Beloved Master,

Before coming, my mind was asking me “Why travel so far to be in silence?… to meditate?… The capacity to be in silence is inside you, wherever you are.”
All this bla, bla, bla…

Today, here, watching the sun rays playing with the crystals in the snow, feeling the silky touch of the cloth, and the lightness of the air that penetrates and expands my chest… the sweetness of simply being…
I understood my Beloved!

Your presence permeates everything… it permeates my whole Being, and it wakes up my capacity to see, to feel and to listen to silence. This is why I came, for this encounter with the magic of the moment, for this date with God!

Close to you I become open, vulnerable, and your love, your beauty touches me, transforms me, and wakes up that which is best in me… life, love.
This happens each time we meet, but here it is stronger, maybe because I am away from the patterns of Brazil.

But it is so strong, so ecstatic… why do I forget it? Why after some time there do I keep on listening to my thoughts?
How can I forget the Buddha, the experience of love and ecstasy? What a crazy mechanism of opening and closing!

But anyway, I reaffirm my intention to stay each time more connected, and to go deeper. And I thank everything that brought me here, even the dark moments that gave me the wish to transcend, to go beyond and to surrender.

I want to go beyond, beyond what I can see or feel. I am standing on the edge of time and space, vibrating.
Vibrating in gratitude and love,
to you and to Osho! To all the Buddhas!

Love, G.