The Inner Revolution

15th of November to 1st of December, 2024

Sit for a few moments simply reminding yourself that you are a Buddha.
And allow this remembrance to stay at all moments, and you will see a tremendous revolution happening inside and outside of you.
All your acts will become like poetry, all your movements will be like a dance, your breath will become musical, your heart will beat in deep synchronicity with the Universe.
You will not be separate, you will be one with the oceanic consciousness that surrounds all of us.”


Open for people who have never participated in a retreat with Swaha.
To find out more about the retreat experience, click here.

If you have never participated in a retreat with Swaha, it is necessary to fully join at least the first phase of the retreat, staying in Mevlana Garden, having all meals and joining the complete program which is offered.
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