Summer Retreat

June 28 – July 14, 2024

“Come back to yourself, come back to the source, where there is always peace. Here is a safe place for that. This is the garden of the flowering hearts.”
Vasant Swaha

Open for people who have never participated in a retreat with Swaha.

Price for the first phase (28th June to 7th July):
NOK 9.659

Price for the entire retreat:
NOK 17.216

Includes Satsangs, program, accommodation in a shared room and all meals.
These prices are valid until 21.06.24. After this date, there will be an extra charge of 10% of the participation cost.

To find out more about the retreat experience, click here.

If you have never participated in a retreat with Swaha, it is necessary to fully join at least the first phase of the retreat (the first 9 days), staying in Dharma Mountain, having all meals and joining the complete program which is offered.

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