Moving out of the comfort zone

In the first week of this Summer Retreat, dance and active meditations have allowed us to move our energy. We have also shared our hearts – meeting friends in the open space of love. Honestly inquiring into how we can get outside our comfort zones and beyond the habits which hold us prisoner.

This week, we are doing the “No Mind” process – designed by Osho to help us go beyond the chattering mind and to find a deeper silence. First we spend an hour in intense and energetic Gibberish – a nonsense language to divert and empty the mind. Then we go straight into an hour of silent sitting. Once we have exhausted the mind in this way, it is easier to relax. Then, if we can bring awareness into this state, true meditation can happen.

This flowering of the self, this potential to wake up, is the most precious gift. As one disciple shares in a song he wrote for Swaha:

Oh my lord, you are so kind to us
coming to this forest to share your love

you have made a revolution inside my heart
I could never say thank you,
all I can do is sing a song
sing a song for you

Being in touch with our hearts, taking responsibility for our own lives, is the only way to truly know ourselves. Happiness is our true nature – that is the message from our beloved Master, our guide in this dance of life.