Summer Retreat started!

Everywhere around us, nature is embracing this moment. Summer is here and showers of rain and warm sunshine dance with each other, trading places and keeping us guessing as to what to wear. Much as our emotions come and go, the clouds appear and disperse – reminding us that everything is change, nothing is certain and only this moment is real.

This moment – to say yes to life; to inquire into ourselves and see beyond our masks; to be open and to share honestly with friends; to be silent and touch the depths within.

This moment – to hear the birdsong; to feel the breeze; to see the wild flowers; to taste the sweetness of life; to touch that space within, which is in touch with everything.

And our living reminder of silence, of oneness – our reason for being here – is our beloved Master. We prepare ourselves and our place to receive him – to experience the grace of his sharing of himself in Satsang. To dive into the mystery of being. To be alive, aware, awake to this moment.