Who Am I?

Embracing silence, we go deeper into the inquiry “Who am I?”. When not distracted by the outside, the energy which normally leaks away unconsciously can be turned inward, to help transform our thoughts and actions with awareness. In this quiet space we can see our habits more clearly, and in this seeing, we have the opportunity to change.

How many times a day do we use “I” to express something about ourselves? How many times do we actually question the origin of this “I”?

By bringing the question “Who am I” into everything we do, our use of “I” becomes less an automatic habit and more a conscious reminder to check in to the reality of who we really are.

You have to have courage, you have to have an understanding, you have to have a longing. A whole life can be spent in just mundane things, without thinking about what is essential, what is real.
Vasant Swaha