Soaking in the Nectar

The more you open your eyes, everything becomes a wonder.

~ Vasant Swaha ~

Dharma Mountain is soaked in honey. We swim around in it, disappearing into the full emptiness, the blissful silence. The nectar of our beloved’s words is dissolving us in its sweetness. Each heart is smiling.

What a beautiful space to go deeper into silence. Sitting. Just sitting in the forest. The breeze rustles the branches, the birds sing in the trees and our hearts sink deeper into the mystery of ourselves.

Devoting ourselves to Vipassana, we sit with awareness. To help us to stay in the moment, we focus on the breath – simply following the rhythm – in and out.

Now is the time to stop. Having asked ourselves over and over “Who am I?”, it is time to be quiet, to give the heart space to whisper her answer. Only in the silent depth, far beneath the storms blowing on the surface, can we hear the quiet wisdom of the heart. She speaks to us in the language of love, gently calling us back to our true nature.