Out of Silence

Slowly, we come out of our silence. Like flowers opening in the warmth of the sun, it is time to open our petals and show ourselves to the world again. Having explored our silent depths, we emerge from the cave of the heart with new found insights, and we find our voices once more. As we speak, we are more aware of what it is that we want to say.

In a world where we are constantly encouraged to distract ourselves, stopping is a rare thing. In this stopping, in this silence, we come face to face with the truth – and the mystery is revealed. This mystery of life, which is not understood by the mind, but felt by the heart. It is not a doing, it is a being. When we accept that, we can accept everything: tears, laughter, sadness, joy, pain, vulnerability… all the colours that make up the rainbow of this human existence. There is no right or wrong, there just is.

“It takes courage to feel”, our beloved Master tells us. In his loving smile, we find the inspiration to trust. To trust him, to trust this mystery, to trust the fragile flowering of the heart, which tells us that everything is just as it should be.

The silent stillness we can find in nature is the perfect place to help us to nurture that stillness we have found within. Climbing to the top of a mountain provides a mirror to the inner journey we have travelled in these last weeks. After the often difficult struggle to get there, we can enjoy the reward of resting in ourselves, of touching that precious silence which reminds us of who we really are.

If there is no love in the heart, in the being, then silence is scary. If there is love, then it becomes beautiful.

~ Vasant Swaha ~