Coming Home

We are surrounded by nature,
dressed in her autumn colors,
preparing herself to rest.

She is supporting us and reminding us that it is time to stop.
To go deeper into our hearts and listen.
To find our way home.

Coming home is to be in the moment,
not going anywhere, just stopping.
To be as we are, in ourselves.

A shift in consciousness.

From darkness to light.
From confusion to clarity.
From the head to the heart.

It’s time to be courageous,
to walk on new paths, and humbly embrace the unknown.
Satsang is a safe place to let go of everything.
The Master is the raft that will take us safely home.

To reach deeper levels in ourselves, we simply breathe,
bringing what is there to the surface.
So that we can let go of who we think we are,
and come closer to our true nature.
Closer to home.

The Heart is where Home is.