Touched Beyond Words

Walking on this
beautiful path

We find
bits and pieces
that suddenly
fit together
and give us answers
that we have been longing

As we stumble in darkness,
Your full moon brightness
Illuminates our path,
Igniting our hearts,
Reminding us of Truth.

At your feet, we sit,
Humbled by your humbleness,
Drunk on your love.

There is no right or wrong,
Good or bad,
There is only seeing.
There is only oneness.

Only a heart can understand a heart,
The mind is lost,
The ego drowned.

A thousand times,
My Master, my Guide.

Leaving this beautiful garden,
having tasted the divine,
we commit to finding the right soil,
to integrating our hearts into our daily lives,
to keep diving deeper,
seeking to become more truthful to ourselves.

And if the Autumn storms come,
we can be steady, strong, unwavering.

Courageous on this path of Love.

My Beloved is so spoiled –

When He walks on the earth,
the earth
is kissing His feet.

When He sits in the silent night,
the night sky surrenders
to the eternity
of His face.

The wind
caress His skin,
so softly,
so softly – 

The flowers turns towards Him
and unfolds
in the grace of His beauty…

The sun bows down
to His light.

For this

 I am eternally grateful

to the earth,
to the sky,
to the wind,
the flowers,
and the sun…