Blissful Spring 2

The Blissful Spring retreats are in gratitude to Osho, because that is the name he gave me: Lord of the Blissful Spring. And this Blissful Spring is independent of any seasons, it is always Here and it is everyone’s possibility.”
Vasant Swaha

A friend shared about the pain she feels when she hears or reads about all the suffering and injustice there is in the world.

Babaji reminded us that more than ever we have to be aware of what we get influenced by through negative images and news, since there’s mostly bad news getting spread – of war, corruption, injustice, etc. All this negativity disturbs our mind and emotional being. He has reminded us that we have a choice on what we take in; what we see and listen to.

The best we can do to help the world and ourselves is to become more conscious. Out of this consciousness we will spread more love, freedom and happiness – qualities that the world so desperately needs.

And on Sunday Babaji reminded us of the value of true friendship, the real friendship that exists when there is no expectations, projections or games. The real love can only exist when one has become content and fulfilled in himself. The invaluable gift is to find a True friend, who can guide us from darkness to light.

As Kabir sang:

When my friend is away from me,
I am depressed;
nothing in the daylight delights me,
sleep at night gives no rest.
Who can I tell about this?
The night is dark and long …
hours go by…
because I am alone,
I sit up suddenly, fear goes through me ….

Kabir says: Listen, my friend
there is one thing in the world that satisfies,
and that is a meeting with the Friend.