Winds of Freedom

The Winds of Freedom retreat is in its first week. Spring is here!

Birds are celebrating, laughing, dancing, expressing – and so are we! More and more people are coming to fill their thirst in this blessed oasis of love.

During these first days of the retreat we stir up the energy – challenging our habits and tearing down the ideas of who we are. When we empty out old dust and mud from our systems, we rediscover our life-energy. In exhausting our bodies in this way, we also get to taste deeper layers of sensitivity and silence.

Already before the first Satsang, beautiful things are happening. Faces are opening up, tears are cleansing shining eyes, love and trust find their way into our hearts – as easy and natural as the raindrops find their way into the earth.

We are in the right climate, in the arms of The Beloved, even before he has shown his face.

And that is what it is all about – emptying out, quieting our minds – preparing ourselves to sit with Him – to absorb the nectar of Truth…

To disappear into his presence, is to disappear into the source of our own true Being.