The Inner Voice

The energy of the retreat is changing. We turn our attention from the outer to the inner, trying to bring our awareness into everything we do. Swaha reminds us that it is normally very easy to lose ourselves in others. Our unconscious habits can easily take us away from the moment. We follow the mind into a maze of thoughts, dreams, emotions and projections… away from our true selves.

Meditation is to become aware, in the moment. You have to bring your attention, your awareness, into the moment. So you become more and more present. Only when you are present, in the moment, are you free. Free of your mind.

Listening with presence, we tune into a different voice. We hear the winds of freedom, as they call to us, inviting us back to ourselves. Back to the truth. Back to a place where we know that our dreams will never fulfill us. Where our heart knows that the only way is to go deeper – deeper into ourselves.

Meditation is the path to come back to your own true nature. You have to know yourself, and in meditation you are alone with yourself. You will have to face yourself in your aloneness.

By the grace of our Beloved, we can take this opportunity to be in his energy. We can use this space to put our precious life energy into ourselves. Listening to him as he patiently guides us towards what we already are, we can awaken from our sleepwalk. In this sacred silence we can allow the nectar of his words to soak our thirsty souls.