Sitting Silently Doing Nothing…

Sitting in Satsang is the perfect opportunity to escape the control of the mind. In the energy and wisdom of the Master, the mind’s tricks have no power. His light banishes all darkness.

Every letter from a disciple touches something in each one of us. When another shares, it shows us a facet of ourselves. In this way, we gain insights into our own condition and also learn that we are all in the same boat. Each of us is dealing with the same tricky mind, struggling with the same issues, dealing with the same fears. This is the essence of the sangha – the sharing of ourselves in the energy field of the Master. We support each other by being here, by being total.

Many new friends share about their experience of going back to their 9 to 5 lives and realizing that the experience of the retreat, of Satsang, has changed their view of the world. They feel more alive, happier – they have been touched by something deeper, and they want more.

As we sit at the feet of our master, we slowly realize that this is all that is needed. To sit. To get out of our own way. To drop our “knowledge”. To drop our expectations. To drop this tricky mind. Trusting in the overflowing patience and love of the Master, we can allow him to show us the pathless path which is the way home. Home to our hearts, home to peace.

Siting silently,
doing nothing,
spring comes,
and the grass grows by itself.