The Gift of Sannyas

Life in the sangha is full of surprises and blessings. To live in the now is to be ready for anything. To truly be a sannyassin is to accept the gift of life and to live it with awareness. Dropping our old habits and identities helps us to be ready for the new – ready to live life totally in every moment.

Our beloved master invited us to a “surprise” Satsang – a gathering of friends in the presence of Truth, in the warmth of the heart. He brought us together to welcome some new friends – seekers who had found their way to sit here and who wanted to take sannyas.

The new names they received have meanings which are individual to each of them and will help them to remember their commitment to themselves and the path they have chosen to walk. For each sannyassin sitting in the Temple of the White Lotus, Swaha’s words were not only spoken to the new brothers and sisters, but also to each of us. We were reminded of our own commitment to ourselves and could see that what is true for one, is true for all. In truth and love, we are all one, traveling the same pathless path without attachment to any destination. Joyful, in this dance of life.