130128-Brazil-Raahi-057What is freedom?

There is freedom from, which is rejecting, rebelling, arrogant, angry.

There is freedom for, which is choice, creativity, walking your own path.

Then there is just freedom – beyond dualities. Nothing to break free from and nothing to do – just peace.

The first two are steps on the path. The third is the way beyond the way. The way of the Masters. The Master is there to help you to go beyond your so-called limitations, to find freedom.

It can seem paradoxical to bow down to the sangha and at the same time to speak of freedom, of finding your aloneness. Swaha reminds us that life is paradoxical and that it is just the mind which has a problem with that. To simply be – in freedom, in peace – is to go beyond the mind and its problems.

…you have to let go of your personality – not your uniqueness, not your creativity, not of what is natural for you – but your ideas.


In the sangha, in the buddhafield, we are constantly facing challenges to our ideas. The gift is to see our patterns, to be more sensitive and loving. To be humble enough to be honest – with ourselves and others. In this truth, in this humbleness, we find compassion, we find peace. We let go of the fight – we surrender and find freedom.