The Yoga of Ah.


First have the courage to come into the ocean.
Then you can learn the joyful art of swimming.
Then, the blissful art of drowning.
Only then will real life begin.

www.vasantswaha.netThe Beloved graced us with his presence yesterday. He played with us like an innocent child, then spoke clear, timeless truths. Dozens of people sat still, silent, listening. Feeling. Disappearing into one.

It was epic.

The Master is here to help us face and go beyond all of our fears and mental obstacles, to uncover what is real. All we can do is be available, receptive. Put aside all our preconceptions and be open to the endless beauty of this moment. It is in silence, in love that we find what we are searching for.

That is the right way to be with me, just to become more and more silent, more and more meditative…And if there is only silence, there is no separation, no distance. Then you are really with the Master.

We cannot force this silence, just let go, relax. We may walk our many paths, eagerly looking to find ourselves, to find the Master, but he is the sun that shines on all paths. Turn your face to the sun, and enjoy the warmth.

It’s not a doing, it’s a realization. It is an acceptance. It is a relief. It is an… Ah!