The Right Side Up


Last weekend, we had the precious gift of Satsang with our beloved Master.

This life is full of gifts – if we are available to see them. To be a sannyasin is to have the courage to live now, not like before. To live differently than before involves change, and the mind is afraid of change. But if we have been touched by something beyond the mind, then change is exciting.


That’s the work of every Master, to shake you up and get you to reflect on how you live.

Swaha’s presence and his words guide us to the knowledge that we each have in our very being, which tells us that life is more. We can become so used to the habits and conditionings of life, that when we meet the Master, it feels like our lives have turned upside down. Our deepest sense, however, will tell us that we are finally right side up.



One more time, we feel the gratitude for this blessed life. For this rare opportunity to live with awareness, at the feet of our beloved.


I’m here to make the impossible possible.