Sharing the Truth


What an opportunity we have, to sit together and to learn together! Sharing ourselves in letters to our beloved Master, touching the hearts of friends and helping them to see their own situations from different angles.
It doesn’t matter how young or how old we are; in this timeless, eternal moment we have the chance to see things for ourselves and to make our own choices.


The work of the Master is to guide us to a space where our own experience will lead us to the answers we seek. In this space it is possible to change our patterns of thinking, our ways of seeing. We can gain insights into ourselves and drop the conditioning which is holding us back.

You can only understand that which you have felt, that which you have lived.


Sharing the truth, sharing the experiences of the friends who walk the pathless path together, reminds us that we deal with the same issues, face the same fears, encounter the same challenges. Deeper than that, we see that we are all one.


In reality, only silence is. Only peace is. Only love is. Only consciousness is. Not you.