The Time of our Lives


What touches the heart? Truth. Understanding. Softness. Love. Compassion. That’s what’s happening here, something starts touching you that you never have seen.


We are having the time of our lives – dancing, singing, laughing, experiencing life with all our senses… sitting in silence, cherishing the sunset with thousands of birds flying over the lagoon.


We are basking in the overflowing love of our Beloved Swaha. In Satsang, he lovingly answers our letters, tells us jokes and speaks the truth about many different subjects. But most importantly, behind all the words, there is a tangible undercurrent of peace and silence inundating our hearts. Before we know it, we too are giggling in love.


There are different ways to listen. Most people just listen with their intellectual understanding, with their mind, which is full of comparison and judgments. You are so full of yourself, of your little story, that you cannot listen to the vastness because the vastness of truth will break all that into pieces. So one has to make space to receive the vastness.


The meditations in the program are a great opportunity for us to open more space inside. This week we are doing processes called Inquiry and Rebirthing. In the inquiry process, we repeatedly ask simple questions aimed at getting beyond the surface definitions we have of ourselves, in an attempt to find our true nature. In rebirthing, we breath deeply, consciously and continuously, helping us to become more aware in the moment, in the now.


These processes help us to unburden ourselves of our ideas and can carry us to a space beyond the mind, to the intimate, sensitive space of an open heart.

Just like the sun comes, and then the flowers open. It’s not a question of doing, it’s a question of coming into the sun.